Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études, Book II

Begun June, 1996 in Rome, finished August, 1998 in Bangor, Maine. Published by and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928b.

#11 Touch Typing (index fingers only) In the recording session, Judy Sherman suggested it should, instead, be called Hunt and Peck.

#12 Northpaw (right-hand étude) During my first year at Brandeis, we lived in Salisbury, Maryland, to where I drove every other weekend. The non-driving weekends I spent writing in my office. This was written in a weekend in my office.

#13 Plucking A (inside the piano). There are two versions — one for smaller grand pianos, one for Steinway D's. As the crossbars are in different places.

Not that you asked for it, but here it is backwards.

#14 Martler (crossing hands)

#15 The Third, Man (thirds) the first of six consecutive 'tudes on intervals.

#16 Ice Boogie (melodic, or "broken" octaves) The "Ice" in the title refers to the five-day ice storm in Maine that was going on while I was writing it; branches broke, electricity was out for several days, we learned how to use our coal stove. Beff tried to walk the eight blocks to downtown to catch a bus to work, fell three times crossing the street, and decided to stay home. Much of the piece was thus written by candlelight.

#17 Keine Kaskadenjagd Mehr (descending thirds and fourths)

#18 Pitching from the Stretch (tenths) written at the MacDowell Colony. This is Amy's recording of it on Bridge.

#19 Secondary Dominance (seconds) also written at MacDowell. This is, by the way, the first 'tude movie I ever shot. Hence the shaky camera.

#20 Fourth of Habit (fourths) for Geoffrey Burleson. Said to sound "like McCoy Tyner on speed" This is Amy Briggs's recording of it on Bridge.

This is Marilyn Nonken playing it in her living room.