Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book III

Begun August, 1999 in Bangor, Maine. Finished January 2000 at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Published and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928c.

#21 Twelve-Step Program (chromatic scales and wedges). Title from Jay Eckardt. Written memory of Earl Kim.

This is Sung-Soo Cho's recording of it on Albany Records.

#22 Schnozzage (using the nose) The nose part can also be played by an extremely well-trained pet.

This is Amy's recording of it on Bridge.

#23 You Dirty Rag (melody in the left thumb)

#24 Horned In (horn fifths) for David Horne.

#25 Fists of Fury (using fifths) for Marilyn Nonken.

#26 Once Bitten (mordents)

#27 Halftone (black key-white key étude)

#28 You've Got Scale (scales and arpeggios) for Teresa McCollough. Here Youkyoung Kim plays it.

This is Amy Briggs playing it in Chicago, in the dark ages of analog video.

#29 Roll Your Own (rolled chords) for Jason Eckardt, whose title idea it was.

#30 A Gliss is Just a Gliss (glissandi). This is Amy Briggs in 2001.

This is Kara Huber in 2015!

This is Sung-Soo Cho's recording on Albany Records.