Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book IV

Book IV of the études was started in Maynard, Massachusetts in December, 2000 and finished in Maynard in July of 2002. The Book is published and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928d.

#31 Usurpation (on a slow trill) written to commemorate my colleague Marty Boykan's 70th birthday, and it quotes two passages from his second piano sonata.

#32 Boogie Ninths (on ninths) probably one of the hardest ones. This is from the Bridge CD in an auto-generated YouTube video.

#33 Sliding Scales (scales) for Marilyn Nonken

#34 Chorale Fantasy (on an embedded melody) a kind of hide-and-seek piece where the "melody" isn't always at the top, and is notated in larger noteheads.

#35 Luceole (rising seconds and thirds) for Amy Briggs. The title means "fireflies" in Italian, which were copious at the MacDowell Colony when I was writing it.

#36 Purple (on a chord — Amy's favorite) for Amy Briggs. This is the first 'tude with metric modulations.

#37 Taking the Fifths (on fifths) for Amy Briggs. This is one of my personal favorites, which makes one of us.

This is a live performance in 2009 by Gregory de Turck.

This is a performance by Emily Chapman in 2010.

This is Amy's recording on Bridge.

#38 Silent But Deadly (pianissimo) to Shehan B. Dissanayake (whose name has the same acronym). The title was Amy's idea.

#39 Sixth Appeal (sixths)

#40 Strident (stride piano) for Amy Briggs. Thus did genre become fair game as the subject of a 'tude. We were having heat advisories when I was writing this piece, thus I imagined I was writing it in New Orleans. Which makes no sense, because stride is a New York style.