Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book IX

Book IX was started in October, 2007 and finished in March, 2009. It is published and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928i.

#81 Kai'n Variation (diatonic scale fragments) For Kai Schumacher. Kai asked a bunch of composers worldwide to write variations on a theme he wrote himself, and performed them all as a set. His theme begins this video.

#82 F This (one note) to Marilyn Nonken and Ken Ueno. One of Marilyn's students had asked her if anyone of note had written a one-note piano piece, she asked me, I said Ken would know, and Ken's response was that there wouldn't be one until I wrote it. So ... I did.

#83 M'Aidez (escaping arpeggios) For Nathanael May. The title is a pun on his name.

#84 What's Hairpinning (dynamic swells and simple polyrhythms)

#85 Diminishing Return (fading repeated notes) This one was written in Italy at Civitella Ranieri when I had no ideas, at first, for the big piece I'd hoped to write there. Another of my favorites.

This is Amy Briggs's performance in a recording session at the AAAL.

Here is Kathy Lee playing it in a dress rehearsal at Indiana University.

Here is Kathy's performance from that night.

#86 Prog Springs Eternal (prog rock) To Rick Moody and Geoffrey Burleson. This was a challenge from Rick Moody that had us both scratching our heads until I talked with Geoff about it, after which I had a clear idea of what I could do.

#87 Berceuse (five-finger étude for piano, toy piano, or piano and toy piano) To Rick Moody, Amy Osborn, and Hazel Jane.

Here's Karl Larson's performance of it from a recording session at Bowling Green State, with piano in the left hand and toy piano in the right.

#88 Toyed Together (étude with toy piano) Here's Amy playing through it, at her house.

#89 This Means Warble (on two-note warbling figures) MIDI below. Inspired by the chippy sounds of winter birds. Which I noticed one cold January afternoon as I was cleaning bird poop from my front porch, as a winter bird had made its home in the front porch light. This is the recording of it on Bridge.

#90 Solid Goldie (étude on G-C-H in search of a lullaby). For Marilyn Nonken and Goldie Celeste. Goldie is Marilyn's first daughter, and has the initials G-C-H; it quotes the Brahms lullaby because why not?

This is Amy Briggs performing it at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in a recording session.