Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book VI

Begun in Maynard, Massachusetts in January, 2003 and finished in Maynard in July. Published and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928f.

#51 Zipper Tango (tango-étude on grace notes) For Amy Briggs. Amy asked both Beff and me to write tangos for her tango project. We bought two CDs of tangos and listened to them, and did our thang. Of the hundred 'tudes, this one might have been the hardest to write.

#52 Moody's Blues (rock and roll) to Rick Moody. Stuck on a piece, I asked Rick for an étude idea. This is what I wrote.

There's no movie of Mike Kirkendoll's performance of Moody's Blues, but he put it onto his SoundCloud page, so I share herewith.

#53 Cell Division (treble arpeggios) a response to the sounds my even-then-ancient cell phone made when turned off and on.

#54 Pedal to the Metal (pedaling) To Rick Moody, whose idea it was.

#55 Eight Misbehavin' (slow octave étude) For Amy Osborn. After the opening of the slow movement of the Brahms E-flat clarinet sonata.

This is Kara Huber doing it in Toronto.

#56 Crazy Eights (octaves and black key/white key separations)

#57 Chord Shark (slow étude on thick chords) for Corey Hamm. After Brahms Op. 116 Nr. 6.

#58 Wound Tight (fast chords) for Corey Hamm.

#59 Zeccatella (staccato-legato) for Amy Briggs. Amy suggested the idea, and I got a tick embedded in me at Yaddo while I was writing it. Geoff Burleson named it, using the Italian word for tick, as in a dance from one infected with a tick bite.

#60 Accents of Malice (accents) Beff named this one. I had a severe summer cold when writing it, and my coughing jags make it into the piece. Amy's cat Ranjith has a cameo role in the video.