Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book VII

Started in May, 2004 in Maynard, Massachusetts and finished in January, 2006 at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Published and © by CF Peters, Edition 67928g.

#61 Ménage a droit (right hand) To Amy Briggs. The title is from Rick Moody. It is a fair question whether or not the page turner in the video is actually needed.

#62 Name That Turn (turns) The title came from Hillary Zipper.

#63 Killer B's (B pedal)

#64 A Third in the Hand (arpeggiated thirds)

#65 Rick's Mood (major triads) To Rick Moody. The result of a double challenge: he had to write a rhyming poem and I had to write a piece using only major triads.

#66 Less Is (minimalist étude on chord-building). To Rick Moody.

This is Amy's Bridge recording of it.

#67 Ain't Got No Right (left hand only). This is Geoff Burleson's performance of it at the 2015 Tribeca New Music festival.

This is Amy Briggs's recording on Bridge.

#68 Absofunkinlutely (funk) To Rick Moody, whose idea it was. After a climax, there is a bar that can be repeated 3 to 7 times. Amy takes it to the max.

Here Kara Huber plays it at the World Piano Competition in June, 2014, and she takes it to the max, too. Nice framing music.

Here's Kara Huber again, a year later, in a private recording session in Toronto.

#69 Palm de Terre (clusters)

#70 Stutter Stab (sharp dynamic contrasts). A personal favorite.