Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Études Book X

Book X is the only one of the étude books to be the last one. No matter how hard they try (and they aren't), none of the other ones will ever be last. Although, temporarily, at one time all of them were. It was started in June 2009 in Maynard, Massachusetts, and finished in June, 2010 in Burlington, Vermont. As they say in submarines, woo hoo!

Book X is, unsurprisingly, published and © by CF Peters.

#91 Whole Lotta Shakin' (on tremolos)

#92 You Blew It (étude with melodica) At Geoffrey Burleson. Alexander Lane supplied the title.

#93 Polkritude (polka étude) To Jim Ricci. Jim blogged about wanting to write a modernist polka. So I did, too.

This is a demo of Polkritude that Amy made before our June 2014 recording sessions. The sound leaves a lot to be desired. But she does take the repeats, and Mary doesn't.

#94 Knocksville (knocking and hitting étude) At Harold Meltzer.

#95 Flit (on uneven repeated notes and swirls) For I-Chen Yeh.

#96 Double Cross (cross accents) The name came from Adam Marks as the winner of a title sweepstakes on Facebook. Here's Finale MIDI.

#97 Quietude (dominant seventh chords) To Augusta Read Thomas. Here's Amy Briggs doing it at the AAAL in a recording session.

Here is Kathy Lee performing it at Indiana University.

This is Kara Huber performing it in Toronto.

#98 Mosso (fast arpeggios in both hands) To Geoffrey Burleson. And taking off on Chopin's "ocean wave" étude.

#99 Mano War (irregular hand alternation) MIDI below. 

#100a Erdnußbutter on chromatic scales.
#100b Cioccolato on crescendo/diminuendo repeated chords.

#100 Two Great Tastes — Erdnußbutter and Cioccolato played at the same time.