Thursday, August 23, 2012

Solo instrumental

When the Bow Breaks (2000) for solo violin, in four movements:

I. Introduction
II. Passacaglia
III. Chorale Around the Open Strings
IV. I Dreamed I Was Chasing My Own Tail

The performance was by Drew Williams at Ravinia on a concert of the Fresh Inc. Festival in June, 2012. He kills it. My piece steals from the Stravinsky Violin Concerto by starting each movement with the same tag — the passacaglia movement's theme is the lower notes of that tag. Published by CF Peters, Edition 67871.

And here is Drew doing a preview performance at Carthage College just a little before (I: 0:25; II: 2:52; III: 5:10; IV: 8:09).

Drew is memorizing the piece now (Nov 2012), and blogging about it.

Luccicare for 'cello solo. Written for Rhonda Rider in June, 2010 for her Grand Canyon project, in which composers found musical inspiration in specific themes suggested by the Grand Canyon. I chose water. This is the recording she made on MSR Classics.

Here's Herine Coetzee Koschak's performance of it in March, 2014.

Flutudes (2008,9) for Mary Fukushima. Here is the premiere of the first two. I don't have a recording of the third one. Mary has recorded them, with Ram Tough on alto flute. Yowza!

They also have their own entry here.

Elegy is an arrangement of the solo piano piece Sara (2002) made by Carson Cooman. It is published by CF Peters, Edition 68131a. This performance is by Alexander Lane.

The Squeaky Wheel (1998) was written so Beff could have a piece to demonstrate her E-flat clarinet (she had pieces for her other clarinets) to groups of students. I said no, until I thought of the title. This is Beff.

Junctures (1978) is juvenilia, but is a real hoot. This is the premiere performance by Julie Soloway on the Aeolian-Skinner organ of the Church of the Advent in Boston, the hardware for which is was written.

Solo hand drum pieces played by Michael Lipsey are here.