Thursday, September 6, 2012

Piano concerto excerpts

Piano Concerto (2006) is published and © by CF Peters. Before the premiere, I went to New York to work with Marilyn Nonken, for whom the piece was written, and she graciously agreed to be filmed playing these short excerpts, minus the orchestra, who were too expensive to bring to New York just be offscreen in a Flip Video.

This one is near the end of the first movement.

This is the first big piano stuff in the finale.

This is the cadenza, near the end of the finale.

This is the brief excerpt before the cadenza in which Marilyn has to play toy piano, and then both piano and toy piano.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hand Drum solo

I wrote three hand drum pieces for Michael Lipsey, two of which he recorded for Capstone, and which are published in Hand Drum Solos: an Annotated Anthology (Calabrese Brothers). My collection of pieces is called Snaggle (again, why not?).

Framer's Intent was intended for a frame drum, but Michael plays it on a djembe.

Here is Michael's recording, autogenerated on YouTube.

Mr. Trampoline Man is a title that was Beff's concoction. The title refers to the up-and-down pitches of the talking drum.

Here is Michael's recording, autogenerated by YouTube.