Friday, November 30, 2012

Incidental music

I wrote incidental music for the Brandeis Theater Company's productions of The Bacchae in 2006 (string quartet and timpani) and Hecuba (string quartet and piano) in 2009. The sound designers then got to use the recorded excerpts however they wanted. Any music in the excerpts captured below was written for Hecuba. Some of the ambient sounds were also improvised in the recording sessions and cobbled together by the sound designer, J Jumbelic. The performers were the Lydian Quartet with Yu-Hui Chang on piano.

This is the overture to Hecuba. Thunderstorm, ships, foreboding and all that.

Hecuba Disaster Chorus. A character sings above this, but there is no recording of the singing.

Hecuba Busy cue 1

Hecuba Busy cue 2a

Hecuba Busy cue 2b

The Bacchae. Cue #1. Various representational chords.

The Bacchae, Cue #34.

The Bacchae. Cue #35, a lament underscoring a speech of regret, segueing into representational chords.