Monday, March 25, 2013

Multiples of one instrument

Cell'Out (2009-10) is for four 'celli, and written for Rhonda Rider. She premiered the piece in Salem, New York with the members of the 'cello seminar she teaches there — in this recording, with eleven of them. This is my Edirol recording of the second movement. Did you notice that the recapitulation comes in inverted?

It Takes Nine to Funk (2006), an arrangement of Absofunkinlutely for nine clarinet-things, including contrabass and two bass — for the retirement of the two low clarinettists in the Marine Band, but not finished in time for them to play it. And no one has played it.

Martian Counterpoint (2000, 2002) for 23 clarinets and one percussionist. On Jay Niepoetter's prompting, I rewrote the final movement of Ten of a Kind for nothing but clarinets.

A Fanfare for Two Dozen Trombones, Whose Length Was Determined by the Amount of Space Remaining in my Brown Notebook (1978) for 24 trombones. Played by the NEC Trombone Ensemble while I was otherwise occupied singing in Mahler 2 with the BSO and Abbado. The two hanging-over notes were played by Pete Cirelli and Jeff Marsanskis, who had been on my case to write for the trombone ensemble.